Hot Cell Stainless Steel Box Stress Test

Stainless steel hermetic box serves as a barrier that keeps the radioactive aerosols within the hot cell. The box is removable from the hot cell and thank to this it will be possible to install and operate the relevant technology into the box outside the hot cell as well. In the CVR workshops 12 boxes will be manufactured (10 gamma boxes, 2 alpha boxes).

Stress test of the box prototype helps to reveal design or manufacture failures. The box limit loading (8 t brutto) and cyclic loading by crane simulated removal and inserting of the box from/into the hot cell.
Special spikes were welded on the weakest spots (which were indentified by the calculations) on the sides of the box. Difference between the initial and final positions of spikes detects even very small elongation caused by plastic deformation during the box test and in future working as well. Performed 50 load cycles represents the double of the time of the planned operating load. The test was performed on 10th of November 2014.

Visit gallery and see short video (in Czech).