CVŘ has introduced the Energy Well project on a conference in Atlanta

The UJV Group presented the Czech SMR project, Energy Well, on the 8th Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 in Atlanta, USA.

The conference is one of the most important world meetings on the issue of small modular nuclear reactors. This year’s 8th annual conference with the participation of over three hundred specialists from twenty countries has introduced new technological findings and the up-to-date state of research and development in the field.

Specialists from the Research Centre Řež and ÚJV Řež (the UJV Group members), where a strong focus is put on the research on SMRs, have also arrived to Atlanta bringing their project named Energy Well.

The Czech exhibition booth together with the oral presentation has produced great feedback in Atlanta and several companies have declared their intent of cooperation in the future development.


What is Energy Well?

The Energy Well concept represents a project of a small modular high temperature reactor with low capacity about 20 MWt and which is cooled by molten salts. Its design is based on unique knowledge achieved in the Czech Republic by three generations of nuclear engineers. The systematic research of the reactors cooled by molten salt is being performed only in the United States, in China and in the Czech Republic.

The UJV Group team supposes that in three years it would be possible to present the pre-design of the project together with the study of its feasibility.