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Centrum výzkumu Řež s. r. o.

(Research Centre Řež)

Hlavní 130
250 68 Husinec-Řež
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 266 173 181
IČ 26722445


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Company Secretariat tel.: +420 266 17 3181
External Communications tel.: +420 266 17 3623
Energy R&D Division tel.: +420 266 17 2048
Reactor Operation Division tel.: +420 266 17 3621
Design and Development Division tel.: +420 266 17 3544
Accounting Department tel.: +420 266 17 3504

Our company, CVŘ, is situated in the small village of Řež near Prague, inside the  UJV premises. If you want to visit us, please let us know in advance. Before entering the area, you have to register in the main reception (for security reasons your valid ID is strictly required). The staff will also call the person you would like to visit. The management of CVŘ is located in building No 212 situated in the rear part of the UJV premises (on the right side). Please also be sure you have at least 10-15 extra minutes to pass through the registration procedure and reach our building. If you would like to visit our research reactors you have to inform us in advance.

Centrum výzkumu Řež on the map

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50°10’47.0″ N,       14°21’57.4″ E GPX

How to Reach Us?

By Car

Leave the D8 highway on EXIT 1 and follow the direction ‚Klíčany‘ (and also signs of ‚Hotel Vltava‘). After approx. 1 km (and after passing 2 roundabouts) turn left (direction ‚Klecany‘) and go straight, passing few storehouses on your left. Go straight on through the next crossing (direction ‘Husinec, Řež’). You will reach the main reception of the UJV premises after approx. 4.5 km.

By Train

From the railway station ‘Praha – Masarykovo nádraží’ take a local train in the direction of ‘Kralupy nad Vltavou’. After approx. 20 minutes get off the train at the station called ’Řež‘. Use the foot bridge and cross the river. Then you are in front of the main reception of UJV premises.
Train timetable from Praha, Masarykovo nádraží direction
Train timetable from Kralupy nad Vltavou direction

By Bus

From subway station ‘Kobylisy’ (line C) take bus No 371 and get off at the terminal station ‘Husinec, Řež, závod‘ (approx 25 minutes). The stop is just in front of the main reception of the UJV premises.
Bus timetable from Praha, Kobylisy direction

By Bike

Along the Greenway Labe, Praha – Dresden (cycle track no 2) which starts in Prague Holešovice. The road is as follows: Stromovka, Troja, Roztoky, Husinec – Řež. You will follow the river bank the whole way. The distance from Prague is approx. 15 km (9.3 mile).

Google StreetView in the front of CVR and ÚJV Řež gatehouse

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