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NDT Specimen Production

Flaw Development and fabrication

  • Flaw Development and fabrication;
  • By welding techniques;
  • fatigue;
  • EDM;
  • Corrosion;
  • And other special techniques.


Standard NDT test blocks fabrication

Block Shapes: Tubes, plates, T-welds, overlapping …
Cracks type: LOF, Porosity, Slag inclusion, Crater crack, Root crack, Toe crack, Base metal crack, FCC/3PBF, PISC, Fatigue, IGSCC and other technologies …

Specimen sets for NDT methods (UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)

According to standardsSNT-TC-1A a EN ISO 9712


Calibration blocks fabrication and distribution

    Calibration blocks fabrication and distribution

  • IIW type (International Institute of Welding);
  • Step Wedges;
  • AWS blocks – DSC, DS, RC, DC, SC;
  • PDI (Performance Demonstration Initiative) ASME blocks;
  • and others.
ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr04 ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr05
ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr06 ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr07

Test blocks for nuclear energy

  • Custom production of test blocks;
  • Placing „as real“ cracks with 1mm accuracy;
  • Placing artificial flaw EDM with 0,1mm accuracy;
  • Drawing documentation with real dimension;
  • Complex solution.

ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr08 ndt_zkusebni_telesa_obr09

Mock-up fabrication

  • As a new NDT methods support;
  • CIVA simulation;
  • Internal projects;
  • Utilization of Own Machine Pool;