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Electromechanical Laboratory

Support of NDT measurements, also in radioactive environments of nuclear power plants.
Development and manufacturing of task oriented robotic manipulators.

We technologically support nondestructive testing (NDT) processes by manufacturing specialized robotic manipulators. They are then used for task such as:

  • Automated welds testing;
  • Structural and shielding concrete testing;
  • NDT in difficultly accessible places;
  • Automation of repetitive NDTs;
  • Measurements and testing of difficultly accessible components;
  • Movements of measuring devices in aggressive environments (e.g. acidic, radioactive).

ndt_elmechlab_obr01 ndt_elmechlab_obr02

There are many advantages of robotized NDT some of them follows:

  • Decreased hazard exposures to operating personnel (radiation doses, fumes, acids);
  • Higher positioning precision;
  • Complex and lengthy testing trajectories can be preprogrammed;
  • Decreased of testing times;
  • Increased measurements repeatability;
  • Ability to reach difficultly accessible places;
  • Remote control.


Another activity is developing control and measurements systems. These are usually used as 24/7 on-line diagnostics devices. The continuous diagnostics of motorized valves can serve as an example. It obtains and records power characteristics of each monitored valve opening and closing operations. These data can show inner condition irregularities without disassembling even before any functional failures happens.