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The machine shops operating in the field of mechanical engineering and metalwork production are able to provide even the most demanding design activities, such as the design and development of water loop type SCWL, HTHL and S-CO2 and others.

Description of the workshops and machinery park


  • machining (turning, milling, tool) and pressing work
  • locksmith work, incl. finishes
  • welding work
  • assembly work
  • construction equipment
  • thermal hydraulic and structural calculations


  • cutting using a CNC plasma machine, laser and water jet
  • bending on CNC press brakes
  • plastic powder coating (powder coating)
  • galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing
  • heat treatment of steel

The Staff Team

  • construction
  • technology and quality control
  • machining
  • locksmiths and fine mechanics
  • welding