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Computational Codes

The Centrum výzkumu Řež is disposed of a team of specialists who deal with the modelling of neutro-physical and thermo-technical conditions with the help of code which uses both deterministic and statistical principles. These computer codes are qualified for different application areas according to the requirements of SÚJB. Such computational resources are widely used for direct simulation or in combination with experimental data.

Area of use

  • Thermo-hydraulic and neutron analyses for design requirements and operational optimization research reactors LVR–15 and LR–0;
  • Thermo-hydraulic and neutron analyses for design requirements and operational optimization of experimental equipment;
  • Establishing fast neutron flow in the pressure vessel of the reactors VVER-440 and VVER-1000 and their inner configurations on the basis of computations corrected by experimentally ascertained activations of neutron flow monitors in the surveillance units and the exterior surface of the pressure vessel;
  • Determination of radiation heating in the interior configurations of the active zone of the reactors VVER-440 and VVER-1000;
  • Computation of criticality;
  • Computation of criticality of the fuel store and of the spent fuel transported and stored;
  • Computation and analysis of the shield designs for the spent fuel transported and stored and of radioactive materials;
  • Computation and analysis of design of hot chamber and workplaces with sources of ionising radiation;
  • Computational inventory of material composition of spent fuel, determination of sources of alpha, beta and gamma radiation and heat from radioactive decay of fission products, actinides and radio activated construction parts of fission chambers, determining neutron source;
  • Thermohydraulic computation for design of irradiated channels for water, supercritical water, high temperature He, with CO2 and molten metals;
  • Computation of neutron distribution and gamma radiation in models of reactors VVER-440 and VVER-1000 from the active zone envelope to the outer concrete biological shielding of TNR;
  • Computation of neutron spectra and gamma radiation from sources of 252Cf after the passage of different types of materials (Fe, stainless steel, D2O, PE) in the spherical and cylindrical geometries.