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Company Sections

Reactors Operation Division
The main task of the Reactors Operation Division is the safe and reliable operation of the two nuclear research reactors LVR-15 and LR-0 and the related technologies. The division ensures the maintenance of required authorisation and permission for all activities connected with the operation of the reactors including the creation and maintenance of relevant documentation, negotiating with regulatory bodies etc. The Division further ensures round the clock shift work at both reactors and technological loops and maintenance of the required technical state of the facilities (maintenance, repair organisation, controlled ageing). During preparation of experimental and commercial commissions Operation Division workers provide technical support to the users of the reactor, especially to the Reactor Services Division.
Among priority tasks are also ensuring emergency readiness, radiation protection, physical protection, personal safety and BOZP during operation of both reactors, which is ensured in collaboration with ÚJV Řež, a.s.

Reactor Services Division
The goal of the Reactor Services Division is the effective utilisation of the REZ Large Research Infrastructure, which includes the LR-0 and LVR-15 research reactors, the reactor water loops and G-IV loops, using an optimal combination of public and private research and irradiation services. The division concentrates on management of projects and commissions focused on research and development combined with irradiated material, irradiation services and the optimal operation of the research reactors. The division deals with practical questions relating to the operation of nuclear equipment, which are: radiation calculations, testing of materials under load conditions, primary loop water regimes, nuclear fuel inspections, LTO program support etc., as well as research only loosely related to atomic radiation if at all: support of production and development of radio pharma, irradiation of silicon for semiconductors, application of innovative technologies, boron neutron capture therapy, nanomaterials research, treatment of water to specific limiting parameters, development of instrumentation for extreme conditions and others.

Design and Development Division
The Design department processes construction engineering tasks using CATIA V5 3D software, as well as Inventor or Solid Edge. It is also concerned with technical coordination and both internal and external engineering and computational work, compilation and critical analysis of tender documentation offered by the company and technical and construction analysis and review of contracts received.
The engineering workshops are capable of machining and production of the most challenging projects, such as for example the design and development of water loops of the types SCWL, HTHL and S-CO2, and others. Among other tasks the division is responsible for the delivery of the hot chambers to the Jules Horowitz international research reactor project in Cadarache, France.

TSO Division
The mission of the support division is to provide to those state organs technical and professional support independent of the safety reports of nuclear power stations. The services and scientific research work are intended to support the activities of state organs, in the area of nuclear safety and power generation.